Supply large stock checkered plates

2023-09-15 18:39:19
Dear Customers. Checker plate is also called diamond plate or tread plate. It has a raised surface, which provide excellent anti-slip function. Benefit from this advantage, the checker plate is commonly used in the factory, industry and workshop for the anti-slip floorings, floor treads or platforms. Checker plate is made from various materials and has different types and sizes. We sell standard and custom size checkered plate with different stainless steel material to all over the world . By having diamond and checkered metal coils in our on-hand inventory, we are able to provide you with quick turnaround on the cost effective steel floor plates you need. We provide diamond and checkered plate for many different applications. The most standard industrial purposes are: Manhole covers Anti-slip flooring Industrial flooring Catwalks Bumpers Stair treads Stock plate We hold a few of the different types of diamond plate in stock on coil in order to bring you the best prices and fastest output for your floor plate requirements. We do what we can to make sure you’re able to get what you need when you need. For either standard or custom sized steel floor plate, count on Hua Steel for your supply.

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