Cold rolled stainless steel coil

  • Grade: Austenitic stainless steel:201,202,304,304L,309S,310S,316,316L,321 Ferritic stainless steel:409,429、430、433、434、435、436、439 Martensitic stainless steel:416,420 Austenite-ferrite(Duplex Steel):1.4362,2205
  • Price: 1000 ~ 1965 USD/TON FOB Shanghai
  • Thickness: 0.15mm~8.0mm
  • Standard: ASTM / JIS / EN / GB/AISI

We have20,000 square room for stainless steel coils, and update new resource every week. Please feel free to tell me if you need any stainless steel products soon. 

How to get Cold rolled stainless steel coil

1. Prepare raw materials The first step in the stainless steel cold rolling process is to prepare raw materials. First, stainless steel coils need to be inspected and quality certified. Then, put the steel coil into the uncoiler and perform uncoiling, shearing and blanking to cut the coil into plates of appropriate size.


2. Heat treatment of steel plates After the above process steps, the stainless steel plate obtained has a certain hardness and elasticity. In order to better adapt to the cold rolling process, heat treatment is required. The commonly used heat treatment method is to put the steel plate into a furnace for annealing to soften it, improve toughness, reduce hardness, and prepare for the subsequent rolling process.


3. Steel plate quality inspection After heat treatment, the steel plate needs to be inspected for quality. The main process is to remove the oxide film, pickle, rinse and other processes on the steel plate to purify the surface. At the same time, sampling inspection and mechanical testing are also required to detect whether the mechanical performance indicators of the steel plates meet the standard requirements.


4. Rolling processing After heat treatment and quality inspection, the steel plate enters the rolling mill for cold rolling processing. Cold rolling processing refers to placing the steel plate in a large cold rolling mill, and through multiple rolling, curling and stretching processes, the steel plate gradually becomes thinner, but the length and width remain unchanged, while continuously improving the strength and toughness of the steel plate. During the rolling process, attention needs to be paid to maintaining stable processing speed and pressure to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the finished plate.


5. Flat cutting After rolling, the steel plate is placed in a flattening and shearing machine for flattening and shearing. The flattening process is to ensure the flatness and surface finish of the finished plate. During this process, a roll shaping process is also required to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the steel plate. Shearing is to cut the steel plate into the specified size and shape for subsequent processing.


6. Surface treatment Finally, the finished stainless steel plate needs to be surface treated. Specific methods include polishing, etching, spraying, etc., aiming to increase the aesthetics and anti-corrosion properties of steel plates to meet the needs of various industrial and construction applications.


Generally speaking, the stainless steel cold rolling process includes raw material preparation, steel plate heat treatment, steel plate quality inspection, rolling processing, smooth shearing, surface treatment and other links. Each link needs to be operated in accordance with specification requirements to ensure that the quality and performance of the finished steel plates meet industry standards.

Cold rolling stainless steel coil's thickness tolerance


Thickness,mm Normal tolerance according to Width High precision tolerance
Width(mm) Width(mm)
<1250 1250~2100 600~<1000 1000~<1250 1250~2100
1.25~<1.60 ±0,12 士0.15 ±0.07 土0,08 士0.10
1.60~<2.00 土0.15 ±0,17 ±0.09 土0.10 ±0.12
2.00~<2.50 土0.17 土0.20 ±0.10 ±0.11 土0.13
2.50~<3.15 ±0.22 土0.25 ±0.1 土0.12 土0.14
3.15~<4.00 土0.25 ±0.30 士0.12 土0.13 ±0.16
4.00~<5.00 土0.35 士0.40  
5.00~<6,50 ±0.40 土0.45  
6.50~8.00 土0.50 ±0.50

Different surface for Cold rolled stainless steel coil

1. Its surface has bright surface, fog surface, matte surface. Commonly known as stainless steel plate, 2B plate,BA plate. In addition, other light colors can be plated according to customer requirements.

The specifications of the coils width are mainly slit edge of coils :1000mm, 1219mm ,1500mm,1800mm ,2000mm .  For the mill edge of coils 1020-1030mm, 1245-1255mm ,1515-1530mm .

About our company we get raw material coils from TISCO , kindly reminder, about 201 material grade, TISCO don't supply. We just got from HONGWANG ,LIANZHONG ,BAOSTEEL .if the customer demand is large, we can reduce according to the customer's size. It can also be used as brushed sheets, anti-checkered sheets, electroplating board.

2.Usually for decorative sheets are usually use for 2B cold rolled stainless steel ,If you have  own way to put the cold rolling coils into sheets, hope you buy us with raw material coils directly .


Cold rolled stainless steel coils package
As for that cold rolling stainless steel coils we have two ways :
Wooden Pallet with rust-proof paper Iron Belt Fine Packaging


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