Brass Strip and Coils

  • Thickness:0.05-3.0mm
  • Width:10-1050mm
  • Temper: M,Y2,Y
  • Processing Mode: Laser machine,CNC computer gong,engraving machine,milling machine (support retail cutting)

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Product description

Brass Coils of C22000 (CuZn10)

Tombac ,as it is spelled in French,or tombak,is a brass alloy with high copper content and 5-20% zinc content. Tin,led or aresenic may be added for colouration. It is a cheap malleable alloy mainly used  for medals ornament,decoration and some munitions.

Material Features:

1)Tombac is easy and soft to work by hand: hand tools can easily  punch, cut , enamel, repousse, engrave gild,or etch it. It has a higher sheen than most brasses or copper, and does not easily tarnish.


2)Most commonly, tombac in modern society is used in medals

3)Used in arts and crafts for decorative articles

Mechanical Properties for C2200 (CuZn10)

Temper Tensile Strength Elongation A50 Hardness
     (Rm,Mpa)                   % HV
M          ≥245                   ≥35 65-80
Y4         290-350                   ≥20 85-110
Y2         330-440                   ≥10 100-130
Y          ≥390                    ≥4 120-150
TY           --                   -- 140-160


1. Tombac in modern society is used in medals and awards of lesser importance

2. Arts and crafts for decorative articles, especially as an economic alternative to very expensive gold leaf.

3. Industry uses tombac foil for heating foils and etch applications.

4. The most common jacketing materials for full metal and hollow-point jacketed bullets.

5. Buttons and decorative fittings 

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