Hot rolled stainless clad steel plate

  • Base Grade:Mild steel material, like Q235,Q245R,Q345R etc.
  • Cladding Grade:Stainless steel material ,like201/2304L/316L/321/310/410/420/430/904L/2205/2507,Nickel Base Alloy etc.
  • Thickness:The minimum thickness of stainless steel cladding is 0.5mm, The maximum thickness can reach up to 15mm, The total thickness of clad plate range between 3mm-70mm.
  • Technique: Hot Rolled

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Product Description

Clad Steel Plate is a Composite Steel Plate, with carbon steel as base material and stainless steel, Titanium or Inconel Alloy as cladding material. The two layers of steel plates are usually bonded by explosion or hot-rolling. With corrosion resistance and cost savings, clad plates have been used as a substitution for solid corrosion resistant alloy. While with corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, clad plates are more and more used as a new steel material.

The Cladded Steel Plates are widely used in the electrolytic aluminum, petroleum, chemicals, salt-making, seawater desalination, water conservation and hydropower, ships, pharmacy, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace, environmental protection and many other industries.

Common size in stock of clad plates

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
8+2 3500 9000
8+2 3500 10000
8+2 4000 1000
8+2 3500 12000

The Specificate Of Stainless Steel Clad Sheet

Type Base Material  Cladding Material
Common Stainless steel / steel composite plate ASTM A36, A516Gr60,16Mn,16MnD,Q235,Q245R,Q345R,Q370QE bridge steel,Weathering steel, pipeline steel,etc 201,304L,316L,321,310,410,430,2205,904L,Nickel Base Alloy .etc
Nickel/steel composite plate N02201,N02200,N04400,N08800,N08810,N08825,N06600.etc
Titanium/Stainless steel composite plate 1Cr13, 2Cr13
430(S43000, 1.4316)
304(S30400, 1.4301)
304L(S30403, 1.4304)
316L(S31603, 1.4404)
309S(S30908, 1.4833)
310S(S31008, 1.4845)
321(S32100, 1.4541)
2205(S31803, 1.4462)

Advantages of Hot rolled stainless steel clad plate

1.Combined the benefits of both the base material and the cladding material .

2.Cost-effective, perfect cost-performance.

3.High production efficiency, fast delivery time.

4.Thickness of both the base and cladding materials are customizable.

5.The maximum width is 4500mm, the maximum length is 15000mm.

Product Processing Hot Rolled Cladding Plates process is as follows:

1. Design and manufacture of composite plate billet. According to the specifications of carbon steel and stainless steel raw materials and the process parameters of rolling mill and heating system, the composition ratio of composite billet is reasonably designed. To obtain accurate composite board finished dimensions. The composite billet manufacturing process involves raw material surface processing, brazing and diffusion welding technology, isolation and vacuum technology. Ensure good physical process properties of the composite interface.

2.Composite slab heating. Composite billets are usually heated in push-steel or stepping continuous heating furnaces. The thick composite plate should also enter the pit furnace for soaking heat.

3. Composite plate rolling as much as possible with a larger reduction rate and a larger compression ratio. Various container composite plates adopt controlled rolling and controlled cooling processes to ensure the physical properties of products. Thicker composite plates are also normalized by normalizing furnaces.

4. Composite board finishing and inspection. The composite plate is cut to the desired length and width by a shear or plasma, and straightened using a roller cold straightener or a press. Large straightening machinery is required. GB/T8165-2008 is performed for hot-rolled composite plate inspection. Its main indicators are higher than the Japanese JISG3601-1990 standard.



1.Power Equipment:Hydropower industry, stainless steel clad plates are widely used as steel linings of bottom holes for sand discharge and diversion bottom outlet in the water and electricity industry or steel linings of ship lock gallery and flashboards;
Thermal power industry, more and more Titanium clad steel plates and Duplex stainless steel clad plates are used in chimney building and Coal-fired flue gas desulphurization equipment.
2.Environment Equipment:
3.Papermaking Equipment:Stainless steel clad plate and Titanium clad steel plate have been widely used in paper industry, the clad steel plates have been used in many major paper pulp tanks, which not only reduce the cost, but also extend its service life.
4.Chemical Equipment:
5.Storage Equipment:With high corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, steel cladding pipeline have great increase of service life. In addition, with the development of oil and oil-gas fields, the condition of transport has become more complicated and the requirement higher for pipelines carrying corrosive media.
6.Railway Infrastructure:
7.Bridge Building:
8.Construction Casting Platform:


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