201 Stainless Steel Coil

  • Grade: 201J1 201J2 201J3 201J4 201J5
  • Price: 1376 ~ 1965 USD/TON FOB Shanghai
  • Thickness: 0.15mm~16.0mm
  • Surface: 2B / 1D / No.1 / BA
  • Standard: ASTM / JIS / EN / GB

We keep 5000 tons/month 201 stainless steel stock every month, and update new resource every week. Please feel free to tell me if you need any stainless steel products soon. 

201 stainless steel Material

201 stainless steel, has a certain acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polishing no bubble, no pinhole and other characteristics, is the production of all kinds of watchcase, watchband bottom cover quality materials. Mainly used for decorative pipe, industrial pipe, some shallow stretching products. 201 Stainless steel coil Price in China ,Manufacturer of 201 Stainless Steel coil

The 200 series stainless steel was first developed in the United States during World War II as a substitute for the 300 series stainless steel.

At that time, because of the war, nickel as a strategic material was strictly controlled by the countries concerned, and the supply of nickel in the United States was seriously short.

This new series of austenitic stainless steels with manganese instead of nickel was developed in the United States in order to solve the problem of production and supply of stainless steel under the condition of severe nickel shortage.

After the end of World War II, the supply of nickel in the United States gradually improved, so the production of 300 series stainless steel is no longer restricted by raw material constraints, so the 200 series did not get a big development.

Several original participation in the development of 200 series of stainless steel Indians, after returning to India, from India is a relatively rich in manganese resources, nickel resources lack of national conditions, will be developed in the United States 200 series of stainless steel varieties back to India.

The success of the 200 series stainless steel in India is due to the possibility of replacing 304 stainless steel in some specific applications.

Most of the 200 series stainless steels sold in the Chinese market have little control on sulfur and carbon content according to national standards, and use manganese (and nitrogen) to replace part or all of nickel to produce austenitic stainless steels with lower nickel content.

The disadvantage of this series of materials is: below 18% chromium content and low nickel content can not reach balance and form ferrite, for this reason, 200 series of stainless steel chromium content to 13.5% ~ 15%, in some cases down to 13% ~ 14%, its corrosion resistance is not compared with 304 and other similar steels. In addition, manganese and, in some cases, copper reduce the effect of re-passivation under acidic conditions common in the corrosion sites of deposits and crevasses.

The destruction rate of 200 series steels under these conditions is approximately 10-100 times that of 304 stainless steels.

The residual sulfur and carbon content of these steels is often not controlled during production, and the material cannot be traced to its source, even when it is recycled.

If Cr-Mn steels are not specified, they can become a dangerous scrap mix, resulting in castings containing unexpectedly high levels of manganese.

This is the most cost effective grade of steel. So the 201 Stainless Steel Coil Price is lower compared to other grades of stainless steels and all metallic products in general. There are different versions of the material with low carbon and high carbon content. The low carbon version, 201 coil are very good for welding applications as they have less carbide precipitation and less localized corrosion.

201 2B cold rolled Stainless steel stock

Thickness:0.40mm ~ 6.0mm

Width:500mm ~ 2000 mm

201 No.1 / 1D hot rolled stainless steel stock


Width: 500 ~ 2000mm

Factory & Packing & Shipping

After 13 years of development, our company has grown from a small company to a stainless steel group with 200 employees, 6* 500-square-meter roll warehouses, and 4* 500-square-meter processing workshops. The company will work together to build a well-known international brand and provide more and better customers with high-quality services. At present, the company's products are sold well in Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Canada, New Zealand, etc. 36 countries and 168 large local distributors. If you have any metal steel needs, please contact us as soon as possible, our professional sales will make the best offer to you quickly, you are wise to choose us, waiting your information.

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Our service and advantage

We can OEM stainless steel products as your drawing and requirements. Such as: cutting, slitting, laser cutting sheets, laser cutting tubes and profiles, sawing cutting rods and tubes, bending, welding, stamping, CNC machining, the smallest laser drilling diameter can be 0.15mm in diameter, The largest machinable size is 1020mm diameter, the maximum error of the laser is only 0.05mm, the maximum tolerance of the sawing machine is less than 0.15mm, and the length error is 0.05-0.1mm. Believe that our profession will be able to get your greatest recognition and support.

Production equipment


Monthly production

Cutting machine- Cold rolled

5 set

3000 MT

Cutting machine- Hot rolled

5 set

2000 MT

Slitting machine- Cold rolled

2 set

1000 MT

Slitting machine- Hot rolled

2 set

800 MT

Bending machine

2 set

600 MT

Welding machine

1 set

600 MT

Laser cutting machine

3 set

1000 MT

Polishing machine

2 set

2000 MT

Grinding machine

2 set

3000 MT

PVD Color coating furnace

3 set

800 MT

CNC machining processing

6 set

300 MT

Please send your clear drawing and requirements in details to us when you need any metal fabrication. Our engineer will check and calculate professional cost, We will send official quotation for your reference soon. Expecting your information.

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