Machinery Manufacturing

2022-01-23 09:39:46

Stainless steel has been widely used in mechanical processing and manufacturing


Provide high-quality, skin-friendly and low-toxic stainless steel equipment to provide reliable raw materials for food machinery processing and manufacturing

Acid and Alkali resistance

High-performance anti-corrosion effect, high-quality intergranular structure to ensure long-term transportation of various liquids without corrosion and damage

Adaptable physical properties

High-quality casting and cutting performance, so that the material is still protected from any damage to the mechanical performance after high temperature and high pressure.

Welding and cutting performance

We provide high-quality materials, so that your equipment can effectively improve the yield rate and shorten the production time during processing and production.

Metal properties

Excellent material properties, able to withstand long-term high temperature and high pressure working environment, and double the service life, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance

Save processing cost

Our materials provide a variety of thickness and size and surface treatment options, which can help manufacturers save a large part of the primary processing cost, and can be customized according to the requirements of the company, helping companies to upgrade and update

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