Upload customers’ feedback diagram from time to time

2023-09-22 17:02:42
Huaxin Steel Stainless Steel Company is committed to saling of stainless steel, and it has been processing for many years. Our company has the integration of production and sales, and can also provide customers with customized products, such as diverse punching boards, and the custom length of stainless steel flat bar. Anything the customized products you want, coloring sheets and plates so on. As long as it is about stainless steel materials, we can all produce it for you. The main products of our stainless steel company: stainless steel plates, cold rolling, hot rolling can be provided; stainless steel rolls coils,strips , cold rolling, cold rolling; stainless steel tube, seamless tube, welding tube, welding light tube, and brushed tube,pipes Every time the customer place orders for us, we will determine the size,surface finish with the customer again to prevent any misunderstandings. At the same time, it is doubtful to check whether the order is done. Here are the feedback from customers from my Dubai. His background: a supplier provided by petroleum pipes. He said that our stainless steel board is very good, and there are seamless tubes of 304 materials, which is also very good protection. Thank you customers, hoping that his career in the later period is getting better and better, and at the same time, cooperation with our company is closer. So dear ,if you need any stainless steel inquiry, talk with me freely! I will treat you well .

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