No.4 Hairline Stainless Steel Plate And Coil

  • Grade: 430 410 201 304 316 316L 310S
  • Brushed type: Hairline / No.4 / Cross hairline / Vibration
  • Cold rolled thickness: 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/8.0mm
  • Hot rolled thickness: 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/8.0/10.0/12/14/16/18/20~80mm
  • PVC: 0.08mm black and white PVC / blue PE with double-Layer / 0.1mm Laser PVC

Expect 500 ton stock of Hairline stainless steel plate and coil, we also can finish your customize order within 5-10 days. We can help you to settle any problems with decorative plates. Please contact me now!

What decorative stainless steel plate can we provide?

Our company will process 3500 ton decorative stainless steel sheet every month.

Because of stainless steel sheets’ uniqueness, corrosion resistance and processing resistance, stainless steel decorative plates has no fading at 200°high temperature, and 90° bending does not affect the surface effect. The application is more and more widespread, stainless steel decorative panels and stainless steel products can be seen everywhere. There are many places to decorate high-end places such as elevator panels, car panels, hotels, kitchens, guesthouses, KTV, villas, apartments, hall walls, ceilings, architectural decorations, and signs. We often provide stainless steel 201 and 304 No.4 hairline brushed stainless steel sheet, 304 and 316 8k mirror panels, 201,304,316L colored sheets, 304 and 316L etching stainless steel plate, 201,304,316,316L checkered stainless steel sheets and other decorative plates to foreign distributors and designers. We can also process stainless steel decorative sheets  into various uses and shapes according to customer drawings. Stainless steel products are beyond the narrow understanding of stainless steel before, and stainless steel has been involved in all aspects of our lives. We are factory and experts of decorative stainless steel sheet. Please contact us for a more good and professional quotation when you need any decorative plate, our engineers will calculate cost if you need some patterns need to be customize.

Production equipment


Monthly production

Cutting machine- Cold rolled

5 set

3000 MT

Cutting machine- Hot rolled

5 set

2000 MT

Slitting machine- Cold rolled

2 set

1000 MT

Slitting machine- Hot rolled

2 set

800 MT

Bending machine

2 set

600 MT

Welding machine

1 set

600 MT

Laser cutting machine

3 set

1000 MT

Polishing machine

2 set

2000 MT

Grinding machine

2 set

3000 MT

PVD Color coating furnace

3 set

800 MT

CNC machining processing

6 set

300 MT

Best-selling decorative sheet surface

  • Checkered

  • Etched Gold Color Sheet

  • Etched SS Sheet

  • Etching and Color Coating

  • Gold Color Mirror Plate

  • Various Kind Of Color


Different kinds of PVC

  • Black and White PVC

  • Double-layer Blue PE

  • Laser PVC

  • SUS 304 PVC

  • SUS304 PVC

Our advantage

1. Stock

We prepare 500ton stock of No.4 brushed stainless steel sheet and coil, So, if you have some urgent orders, we can finished delivery within 2 days.


2. Delivery time

Stock size: within 2 days

New orders: Our process machine do process everyday for some other requirements and customize orders. So, if you hope we process new goods as your requirements, we also can finished it within 7 days.


3. 4 hairline brushed + PVD color coating

We have 3 set PVD color coating furnace, so, No.4 hairline brushed stainless steel plate + gold color, rose gold color, black, blue, copper, bronze, red and so on are workable for us. We can help you finished more surface process in one factory with cheapest cost and avoid scratch.


4. Other surface process

8K Mirror polishing , Color coating, Embossing , Etched , Checkered , perforated , Corrugated


5. Other metal fabrication

We can OEM stainless steel products as your drawing and requirements. Such as, laser cutting can help us to make any shape stainless steel plate within smallest tolerance. Bending and welding can help us to make every small plate into one perfect product. Polishing, color coating, hairline can help us to make the surface more beautiful.


Dear friend, Because of our professionalism, please contact us quickly to help you solve problems. Let our world become more beautiful under our improvement.

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