With the Red Sea Event,Shipping fee cannot down soon

2024-01-18 16:57:12
In recent days, the situation in the Red Sea has intensified as the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries have launched targeted attacks on the Houthi armed forces. Shipping giant Maersk has stated that there is no hope of resuming sailings on the Red Sea route in the short term. The impact of this incident on the chromium ore market has also begun to appear. Sea freight rates in Turkey and Albania have increased, and the purchase costs of high-grade chromium concentrate traders have increased. As a result, the prices of Turkish concentrate and Albanian chromium lump ore have continued to rise. Since the outbreak of the Red Sea conflict, global shipping costs, especially the cost of containers transported from Europe to Asian ports, have increased significantly. It is understood that the freight from Turkey to domestic main ports has increased by 10 US dollars/ton, and that from Albania has increased by 5 yuan/ton. In addition, the impact of the incident is not only reflected in the increase in explicit costs such as freight, but also in the increase in time and surcharges caused by detours to minimize maritime transportation risks. It will also increase the sales pressure on exporters and add to market tensions. Under the fermentation, shippers all expressed difficulties in ordering ships. So that if you need the stainless steel coils in urgent ,hope you send us and make the decision quickly! For now ,stainless steel coils and sheets are higher before Chinese New Year , and with our experience, they will have price down At the end of February. If you need them in urgent,hope you will talk with us ,let us prepare material well and quickly for you. More delay ,the price will be higher.

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