The Discovery and Development of Nickel

2024-01-10 11:58:35
Nickel, as a metal, was utilized even before its discovery. The use of nickel-containing alloys can be traced back to around 300 BC. Ancient Egypt and ancient China both used meteoric iron with high nickel content for various tools. In China, the technology for smelting white copper (copper-nickel-zinc alloy, containing Cu 52% to 80%, Ni 5% to 35%, Zn 10% to 35%) had been mastered before 206 BC. Around 200 BC, in the ancient Southwest Asian country of Bactria, a widely used coin was made from a copper-nickel alloy (approximately 77% copper, 20% nickel, 1% cobalt, 1.5% iron). Germany in 1825, the United States in 1857, and Belgium in 1860 also minted copper-nickel coins. The lateritic nickel ore (i.e., nickel oxide ore) deposit is formed through the prolonged weathering and leaching enrichment of nickel-containing rocks in tropical or subtropical regions. For instance, in the case of nickeliferous olivine-dominated peridotite, under the long-term influence of CO2-rich acidic groundwaters, the peridotite undergoes decomposition. Magnesium, iron, and nickel enter the solution, while silicon tends to form a colloidal suspension that infiltrates downward. Iron gradually oxidizes and quickly precipitates as iron hydroxide, eventually losing water and forming goethite and hematite. Small amounts of nickel and cobalt also precipitate together. The iron oxide precipitates on the surface, while magnesium, nickel, and silicon remain in the solution and infiltrate the subsurface layers. After interacting with rocks or soils, they are neutralized and precipitate as hydrated silicate minerals. Due to the preferential precipitation of nickel over magnesium, the nickel-magnesium ratio in the precipitated ore is higher than that in the solution. Therefore, nickel gets enriched. Since the processes of dissolution and precipitation occur multiple times, the nickel content in lateritic nickel ore generally increases from about 0.5% in the original ore to 1.5% to 4%. This enrichment process may span from several thousand years to several million years. So that why you think our quality is better than others, just for that our NI is high,So that if you need anything stainless steel sheets or stainless steel coils, especially stainless steel tube, we all can supply you well. We will keep the enough NI ,then give you best price with you. Welcome talk with Zyta from HUA STEEL CO.,

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