Why Stainless steel perforated plate not flat

2024-06-14 19:28:44
Stainless steel perforated plate is a mesh plate produced by continuous punching of stainless steel plates on precision CNC punching machines according to specific molds. It is widely used in various fields. However, some specifications and models of stainless steel perforated plates are not as flat as stainless steel raw materials after production. What is the reason for this? Hua Steel will explain the reasons and solutions below. There are four main reasons that affect the flatness of stainless steel perforated plates: 1. Plate material: Stainless steel plates often use materials common in daily life such as 201, 304/304L, 316/316L, 430, etc., and have rigidity and toughness. The degree of deformation is greater than other metal plates. Therefore, the stainless steel perforated plates after being made generally have deformation. 2. The degree of wear of the punching needle: The punching needle of the CNC punching equipment will wear out after a period of use. If the wear is severe and it is still in use, it will increase the degree of deformation of the stainless steel perforated plate, and it may also swell the stainless steel perforated plate, increasing the difficulty of leveling. 3. Plate margin: The larger the margin of the stainless steel perforated plate, the worse the flatness. Especially for planes with a large opening rate and a large aperture, and planes with large margins on the four sides, the deformation will be more severe. 4. The aperture and spacing of the mesh: The smaller the aperture of the mesh and the closer the spacing, the greater the deformation of the stainless steel perforated plate. The CNC stamping process is equivalent to annealing the stainless steel plate, so the stainless steel perforated plate will become hard and uneven. In summary, it is a common practice in the stainless steel processing industry to level the stainless steel perforated plate after processing. However, for some special specifications, such as stainless steel perforated plates with larger hole diameters, thicker plates, and smaller hole spacing, the stainless steel plate will swell during the punching process, and it is difficult to level the stainless steel perforated plate after the swell.

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