RA330 alloy is a high-performance heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material

2024-06-11 08:54:27
RA330 is a high-performance heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy, specially designed for working in high temperature and severe corrosive environments. The following is a comprehensive overview of RA330 alloy: Chemical composition: The main components of RA330 include chromium (about 14.00%~17.00%), nickel (33.00%~37.00%), carbon (≤0.15%), silicon (≤1.50%), manganese (≤2.00%), phosphorus (≤0.040%), sulfur (≤0.030%), etc. The combination of these elements gives RA330 excellent high temperature performance and corrosion resistance. Physical properties and characteristics: High temperature resistance: RA330 can maintain stability and strength at extremely high temperatures, with a maximum operating temperature of up to 1204°C (2200°F), and has excellent oxidation resistance. Corrosion resistance: It can still effectively resist various corrosive media at high temperatures, including acids, alkalis, salts, etc., especially suitable for environments containing sulfides. Mechanical properties: It maintains good strength and heat deformation resistance at high temperatures, and has excellent tensile and compressive resistance. Thermal conductivity: It has high thermal conductivity, which helps to dissipate heat quickly, and is suitable for manufacturing heat treatment equipment and heat exchangers. Application areas: Heat treatment industry: It is widely used in the manufacture of parts of heat treatment equipment such as furnace tanks, grates, conveyor belts, and radiant tubes. Chemical equipment: In chemical processing equipment, such as reactors, heaters, and heat exchangers, especially when dealing with corrosive media. Oil and gas: In the refining and petrochemical industries, it is used for parts in high temperature corrosive environments. Aerospace: Some high-temperature components and thermal protection systems, taking advantage of its high temperature stability and corrosion resistance. International standard corresponding grades: National standard GB-T standard: S33010, 12Cr16Ni35, 1Cr16Ni35 American standard ASTM/SAE/UNS: MT-330 Japanese standard JIS: SUH330 German standard DIN: 1.4864 European standard EN: X12CrNiSI35-16 RA330 alloy has become an ideal material choice for handling high temperature and corrosion challenges in many industries due to its stable performance at high temperatures, excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. HUA STEEL company export Alloy 330 according to ASTM B536 to South Korea.If you need and interested in them, talk with Zyta.

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