What impact will the surface drawing and oxidation of 304L stainless steel plate have?

2024-05-16 15:46:03
Brushed oxidation is a kind of surface processing of stainless steel plates. The surface effect of the plates is relatively good. The unique beauty of stainless steel is displayed in indoor and outdoor spaces in the form of elevators, screens, sculptures, ceilings, etc. However, the effects of wire drawing oxidation on certain stainless steel plates are both positive and negative. For example, 304L stainless steel plate has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. However, after drawing and oxidation, the 304L stainless steel plate was degreased and extruded, and some reactions occurred on the surface. At this time, the oxide film of the 304L stainless steel plate may not be as stable as before, and its corrosion resistance will indeed be reduced. On the contrary, wire drawing and oxidation will bring bright and matte surfaces to 304L stainless steel plates. The surfaces of these two are actually more upscale, and many people prefer them. Therefore, we must regularly clean and maintain the brushed and oxidized stainless steel plates to avoid direct contact with corrosive substances. For more information about 304L stainless steel, please consult our staff at Huaxin Steel Stainless Steel.

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