Do you know well that Medical stainless steel It is made of 304L material Or 316L material?

2024-05-24 16:47:41
304L is food-grade stainless steel, used in cookware and utensils, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, healthy and hygienic. 316L is medical-grade stainless steel, the best material among stainless steels, and is used in medical instruments and scalpels. One : Stainless Steel as Biomedical Material is an iron-based corrosion-resistant alloy and one of the earliest biomedical alloys developed. It is characterized by easy processing, low price, corrosion resistance, and the yield strength can be improved through cold working to avoid fatigue fracture. Among them, the most widely used is austenitic ultra-low carbon stainless steel 316L. TWO: The biocompatibility and related issues of 316L medical stainless steel mainly involve tissue reactions (such as edema, infection, tissue necrosis, etc.) caused by corrosion or wear after the stainless steel is implanted in the human body, leading to pain and allergic reactions. wait. Especially the serious lesions caused by the precipitation of nickel ions in stainless steel (the commonly used 316L austenitic ultra-low carbon medical stainless steel contains about 10% nickel). In recent years, low-nickel and nickel-free medical stainless steel are gradually being developed and applied. THREE: 316L medical stainless steel is widely used clinically. (1) Artificial joints and fracture internal fixation devices are used in fracture repair, bone alignment and misalignment correction, chronic spinal orthopedics and skull defect repair, etc. (2) In dentistry, it is used in dentures, orthodontics, root implants and auxiliary devices. (3) In the cardiovascular system, it is used in various implanted electrodes, sensor shells and alloy wires, and can also be used to make artificial heart valves, intravascular expansion stents, etc. (4) 316L medical stainless steel is also widely used in other aspects, such as various ophthalmic sutures, fixation rings, orbital filling, etc. Huaxin Steel Company is located in Xishan District, Wuxi, with excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in low-carbon, stainless steel, aluminum plates, copper plates, and galvanized products and integrating warehousing, processing, and trade distribution. The company mainly sells 304L, 316L, 317L, 409L, 436L, 904L, 301L, 316, Alloy330 and other stainless steel plates, stainless steel coils, stainless steel strips, with a standing inventory of more than 1,000 tons of materials, complete specifications, and sufficient supply. At the same time, we can provide various stainless steel plate processing services according to customer requirements: flattening, slitting and drawing, mirror surface, oil grinding, polishing, punching, bending, leveling, slitting, cutting, rolling, punching, etc.

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