Domestic 304 stainless steel plate market may form a “strong three weak” situation

2022-10-25 10:11:48

In October 2022, due to the impact of demand release less than expected in the peak season and the gradual loss of the steel mill, the steel mill gradually increased the effort of maintenance and production reduction, thus driving the production of 304 stainless steel plate decreased significantly month-on-month. October crude steel daily production fell significantly From the point of view of the national pig iron, crude steel and steel daily production, the national crude steel daily production in October showed a significant downward trend, still maintained a year-on-year growth situation, but has been slightly lower than the level of the same period in 2019. At the same time, the daily production of pig iron and 304 stainless steel plate also showed a synchronous downward trend, indicating that due to the lack of demand release and the impact of steel mills again losses, domestic 304 stainless steel plate production enterprises capacity release power is obviously insufficient. November crude steel daily production or will continue to fall In November, the domestic 304 stainless steel plate market is in the traditional alternate time node, although some areas have the release of rush demand, but with the deepening of autumn and winter, the effective construction time gradually decreases, the release of 304 stainless steel plate terminal demand will slow down, at the same time, the steel mill is also facing the cost end and the demand end of the double extrusion, The pressure of steel mill loss is still large, which also restrains the steel mill capacity release. From the point of view of the change of blast furnace operating rate, the production and release of 304 stainless steel plate enterprises show a continuous downward trend. With the continuous implementation of package policies to stabilize growth and the continuous promotion of policy funds, especially the recent release of supporting policies for private enterprise financing and real estate industry, it can effectively support the credit expansion of infrastructure and manufacturing sector and the credit improvement of real estate sector, thus driving the effective investment to accelerate the pace of landing. It will help stabilize market confidence and expectations, thus forming a wave of concentrated construction of multiple projects in multiple places. But with the arrival of autumn and winter, the national heavy pollution weather increase, in order to deal with the adverse impact of heavy pollution weather, many provinces and cities have started heavy pollution weather warning, the project construction progress will also be significantly affected, off-season rush demand will be released limited, 304 stainless steel plate seasonal demand weakening trend will also show, As a result, the traditional off-season 304 stainless steel plate market demand will show a situation of “steel production needs to still drag down, infrastructure steel needs to release weakening, manufacturing steel needs limited release”. From the supply side, although the confidence and expectation of the 304 stainless steel plate market have been strengthened due to the continuous strengthening and landing of the steady growth policy, but in the face of the obvious weakening of the traditional off-season demand end, the traditional topic of “winter storage” has been shown again, and the steel market has slowly turned to the logic of “winter storage”. Due to the “seesaw” effect at the raw material cost end, Steel mills limited profit space is gradually eaten by the cost of raw materials, steel mills are facing the contradiction of market share and maintenance production reduction, but also bear the cost pressure and material profit and loss balance, so the domestic 304 stainless steel plate market may form a “strong three weak” situation, that is, strong expectations, weak demand, weak supply, weak price. So stainless steel spot supermarket net is expected in November domestic 304 stainless steel plate production will continue to fall.

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