Precision bright steel pipe

2022-10-14 14:12:54

The company has advanced precision-rolled seamless steel pipe, precision steel pipe, precision-drawn seamless steel pipe production equipment and technical staff, and can customize precision steel pipes, bright pipes, fine-drawn pipes, fine-rolled pipes, and cold-rolled pipes of various specifications and materials for you. , cold drawn tube, etc., the material is: 10#, 20#, 45#, 16Mn, 20Cr, 40Cr, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, etc. The executive standards are: American Standard, European Standard, German Standard, and Chinese Standard. Uses: It can be used in mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment, oil cylinder, drum, parts processing, automobile (motorcycle) accessories, diamond thin-walled drill bit. Production range and tolerance: 10-108*1-14mm tolerance 2-10 wire
The products produced by our company: fine-rolled seamless steel pipe, precision steel pipe, fine-drawn seamless steel pipe, finish-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold-drawn pipe without appearance defects such as pitting, scratches, cracks, warping skin, etc., with bright inner and outer surfaces , the precision is far greater than that of ordinary cold drawn tubes. Therefore, it is often used in fields that require high precision and finish to achieve the purpose of improving product quality and reducing processing costs.

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