Sinosteel Group, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Sinosteel Group, Shanghai Baoye, China MCC, Baosteel Resources and so on July 12 to meet Wuxi APOL annual meeting

2023-06-29 19:00:36

Hello , Friends , Up to Hua Steel News platform.In China, the The largest stainless steel trading market is in Wuxi,jiangsu provide . And for our Hua Steel company is located in Wuxi.

So that for our company advantage:1. the cheapest cost price 2.the high quality stainless steel  3.the newest stainless steel news for sheets ,coils 4.have more precision stainless steel machines

In to this activity main point:2023 Nickel Stainless Steel New Energy Industry Summit and APOL Annual Meeting will be held in Crowne Plaza Wuxi Taihu, Jiangsu Province from July 12-14, 2023. The summit will discuss hot topics in the industry, with the theme of “Focusing on emerging industries and promoting ecological transformation”, focusing on changes in the whole industrial chain of stainless steel and new energy, and focusing on new products, new technologies and new applications in the nickel industry ecology.

In the past few years, under the dual impact of macro turn and epidemic impact, the development of traditional stainless steel smelting industry has stalled, and under the clear development direction and planning policies, as well as the super-scale market advantage, the new energy industry has gradually entered the high-speed development channel, which forms a great contrast. At the same time, Indonesia’s ferro nickel reflux impact, domestic oversupply, resources and cost advantages have shifted the focus of ferro nickel supply to Indonesia, and also made Indonesia’s nickel wet smelting industry into a comprehensive and rapid development. However, under the premise of a substantial increase in the supply of raw materials and whether the growth rate of lithium raw material supply is catching up with the growth rate of demand, the new energy industry chain may face changes in the structure and proportion of the industry chain. We hope that through information sharing, accurately identify the opportunity of the industrial chain, comprehensively weigh the development of the industrial chain, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the nickel industrial cluster.

And as manufacturer for stainless steel, we also find a new way to make our products like sheets, plates, coils, strips will ship well to our customer. As that we have wide material grade of stainless steel. Like our customer want to search 201 ss plates, we will supply them . Maybe our customer need 304 stainless steel coils ,hot rolled, we can also ship to them.etc ,so that anything you need ,we can also do them for you.

And hope this meeting will have a good ending and will help our factory get more new chances.

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