Recently stainless steel material goes down

2023-07-09 17:14:35

Hello ,Good day ,The below is for stainless steel price’s newest news and conclusion for last week.

Last week, the price of stainless steel is weak and falling, and the futures board of 300 series is strong, so there is room for an increase. If you need 304 stainless steel hairline, contact me freely!Especially now, with the purchase price of nickel iron in steel mills going down, it has led to the distribution of steel mills and the arrival of goods is less. Cold-rolled and hot-rolled coils both reduce the number of coils produced. Among them, the number of hot rolling is much less than that of cold rolling. Among them, in the 200 series, the price is currently due to the cheap price of chromium, resulting in the price of 201 volumes is also falling. Consumers who want to buy recently can consult Zyta to get the best price. The rest of the 400 series of steel coil prices, cold rolled coils, the price rose. Hot rolling price is stable. So if you want to buy 430,420 coils or strips, please contact Zyta.

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