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2023-11-24 17:39:47
This year, 43 domestic stainless steel plants produced 29.6644 million tons of crude steel from January to October, up only 7.61% from last year. The growth rate of ferro nickel supply far exceeds the growth rate of stainless steel production, and the price is under pressure under the overall oversupply of ferro nickel. At present, the demand for downstream alloy electroplating is relatively stable, and it is difficult to increase in the short term. Stainless steel and new energy industry demand is few, of which nickel bean nickel sulfate due to economic less than nickel intermediates and gradually replaced, with nickel prices gradually down, nickel bean autolysis economy gradually return, the subsequent or there will be phased demand. Recently, nickel prices fell sharply, continuously falling below a number of integer levels, and also continuously falling below the cost line of nickel sulfate and nickel intermediate products. The reason is that the overall surplus of nickel industry chain resonates with the price decline atmosphere of many varieties in the industry chain, causing market pessimism. The self-sufficiency rate of newly invested domestic electrodeposited nickel brand raw materials is not low, and the support of the cost line of electrodeposited nickel from external raw materials is not solid enough. In this case, it is expected that the nickel price will still be considered to the raw material self-contained electrodeposition nickel cost line, and it is expected to remain weak in the short term. According to above factors,for now import stainless steel coils, sheets is best choice. For that today ,stainless steel price starts a little higher. When you want buy competitve stainless steel coils, or stainless steel sheets, talk with me more, i will update the price .And introduce you buy them with right time!

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