Good News ,Steel Mill started to resume production,Who have steel inquiry,Mail me more!

2023-11-29 19:31:51
In early November, news of production cuts and maintenance came out one after another from various steel mills, and the overall supply decreased. On the one hand, the steel mill’s production reduction is due to the steel mill’s own equipment adjustment, circuit maintenance and other issues that also require time to adjust. On the other hand, due to the weakening spot market and continued price declines, cost inversions have resulted. Coupled with limited downstream demand, the inventory in the factory has continued to accumulate. Under the pressure of falling prices and inventory, steel mills have chosen to reduce production for maintenance. For now, more and more steel mill informed us they resume production,and if you need anything inquiry for stainless steel plates or coils, talk with me in advance! If you need cutting for exact size of coils or sheets, talk with me in advance! Just for that our company do stainless steel cutting service, lasering service and color coatings service. One of my Korean customer ,they need small strips,width 18mm, 500 tons.we prepare them within 10 days with our rich steel coils stock and our high quality and good workers. One of my UAE customer, they need decorative sheets,8K mirror plate with laser film to protect them well. etc…so many different customers from all over the world inquiry us many stainless steel sheets and coils. Hope you inquiry us and we can build firm relationship.

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