stainless steel sheets higher up up up

2023-12-22 18:12:54
The sharp rise and fall of nickel prices make the market scratch its head, and the reason for its sharp fluctuations has become a hot topic of discussion. First of all, from the fundamentals, the current market supply and demand situation is relatively stable. The oversupply of ferro nickel, and the downstream stainless steel plants under the pressure of sales and cost forced the ferro nickel market bargaining center downward; In terms of new energy, the demand for nickel sulfate is still high, the supply of raw materials such as MHP and high-ice nickel is tight, and the discount coefficient is rising; Although pure nickel inventories have accumulated, they are still at historical lows on the whole, which has become a strong support for nickel prices. 2022 is coming to an end, and the macro news is also surging. The future consumption of the domestic market is optimistic by the market; There are signs of turning point in US inflation, and the subsequent change of interest rate hike policy has triggered market speculation; Bali, Indonesia, the G20 Business Summit (B20) was held, under the influence of good sentiment, the market is generally optimistic about the future industrial integration. So that if you need stainless steel plates, hope you talk with me asap, Zyta will tell you when purchase is the best time with best price. Except that, we will do PMI testing before shipment!Welcome to your inquiry!

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