stainless steel round edge strips 316

2023-04-06 13:59:18

Recently ,One of our inquiryier from German wants to get 316L strips. 

Today i want to talk with you about strips, for stips we usually  put them in a precision strip  and common strip. The biggest difference between them is thickness.

For that precision strips’ thickness 0.02-0.3mm. common strip’s thickness is above 0.3mm.

When your inquiry belongs to precision strips ,hope you also will provide us these information:

(1)Basic information:material grade of stainless steel, specification,quantity

(2)Other more information:Hardness ,yield strength,tolearance of thickness and width , surface finish(BA surface or 2B surface)

(3)For about edge:mill,slit,round.

When we get these information,then our steel factory will according to your needs to produce the precision strip you need.


If you just common strips ,the progress is use big coils to slit them up to the size you need.


That’s all strips information,if you want to know more details ,contact us freely!

As you know ,we are professional stainless steel manufacturer!

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