stainless steel price goes up

2023-07-28 18:28:53

Although the impact of stainless steel futures continued to rise in the week, the market inquiry and trading atmosphere has significantly improved, but most of the week is the market circulation inventory is not high, large traders in order to ensure the timely delivery of early orders received behavior, forming a transformation of retail resources concentrated in the hands of large households. Although some end customers who hold orders have also placed orders under the stimulus of price increases, the demand has not improved significantly, so the proportion is relatively small. As a result, there was a slight increase in the 300 series inventory during the week.

With stainless steel futures rising for a week, the high point once exceeded 15,600 yuan/ton. Spot transactions in the early days of the price increase appeared significantly better, the market heat is high, because the spot price with the futures expansion speed is too fast, after the basic completion of the purchase of urgent orders, market transactions appeared a rapid weakening signs, in addition, steel futures orders are basically entering the end. July 26 day and night opening of stainless steel futures diving and continued to fall in the day, ending the spot market price atmosphere, cold and hot rolling in the afternoon there was a significant decline, as of July 27 afternoon, private 304 cold rolling wool base mainstream price to 14900-15000 yuan/ton, Private hot rolling resources five feet raw edge mainstream price to 14650-14750 yuan/ton.

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