We shipped stainless steel tubes to The United Arab Emirates

2023-01-14 14:00:45
As know ,our factory are doing stainless steel products. So that one of our old customer order 2 containers to buy 201 stainless steel tubes. And according to his need: he need is polished surface of steel tube , the material is 201 and 304 stainless steel.And for each pipe’s length is 6 meters. And our customer use steel pipe on decorative tube.At the same time,stainless steel pipes has many usages for that: stainless steel anti-theft Windows, stair handrails, guardrail and so on. It can also be divided into ordinary tubes, patterned tubes and colored tubes by category. The characteristics of ordinary tube: simple production process, variety specifications. Characteristics of stainless steel pattern pipe: The pattern pipe changes the single appearance of the traditional stainless steel pipe, which makes people bright. Color stainless steel tube features: a layer of color on the surface of the stainless steel tube, and any specification. And also common material grade for stainless steel pipes are 201,304 and 316 .If you need other material grade and using other places, we also can supply you. Just reminder, if you need any pipe,no matter round pipe, sqaure pipe, oval pipe,rectangle pipe or customized pipe .we all can do it for you. Our factory has service for customized service.Just any stainless steel information ,contact us freely!

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