Stainless steel plate purchase order from Korean

2023-06-16 18:35:24

As a professional stainless steel material factory,For that we supply all material grade of stainless steel .

And we have many products for stainless steel ,like sheets or plates, coils and strips, bars or square bars ,tubes and pipes.Just you need, we can supply you.

For that coils and plates, has many requirements like surface finish will change with the thickness , for coils ,the thickness is 0.05-8mm for cold rolled , and for 3-16mm ,we will supply you hot rolled . And with cold rolled coils, we will supply you 2B surface finish,which is the basic surface , and then we still have BA ,6k mirror,8k mirror, golden mirror, hairline surface finish for you choose  and also if you still need other needs, also talk with us ,let us to check with you .

For our Korean customer ,he told us about the checking goods way :when the material is ready ,he will come to our factory and then check the goods quality, surface finish .And with next Monday he will come to check all the stainless steel sheets, stainless steel tubes. Looking forward to meeting our Korean customers.

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