Stainless steel elevator sheet

2022-12-16 16:58:14

Elevator stainless steel plate is made of colored stainless steel plate for the elevator (or iron frame) to wrap, common color stainless steel plate with ancient copper plate, purple copper plate, black mirror steel plate, titanium plate, rose gold plate, etched on the plate pattern, pattern or line, play a beautiful decorative effect.

Usually for common material grade:304,430,439,443and 316L. 304 material is very popular and hot grade.304 excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties have become the first choice for elevator enterprises. 316 stainless steel is mainly used in the seaside, high corrosion occasions and heavy duty escalator. 430 stainless steel is also widely used in the elevator industry, relatively low price, used for general occasions and stairs.

430 stainless steel has been widely used in the elevator industry, its relatively low price is the key to attract elevator enterprises. 430 stainless steel for general occasions and rungs. At present, the major steel mills have mass production 430, its sufficient supply and stable quality is also one of the factors that elevator enterprises choose. In particular, Baoxin and TISCO 430 cold rolled materials in the elevator industry has gained a very good reputation.

Elevator manufacturers between the material difference is very large, the use of whole board or composite, thickness difference is also large, ladder configuration is also different. For example, the first floor hall door of the residential ladder is made of stainless steel, while the business ladder is made of stainless steel at each floor.

If you want to know more about the thickness, width, length, and style of elevator stainless steel products, please consult us directly.

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