Ship to Vietname stainless steel BA coils

2024-03-22 19:47:29

Hello ,Every customers, long time no update for the goods sitution.


As for now, i want talk one of my customer in Vietnam ,who buy us stainless steel sheets .coils.

As he make business with us about 8 years, he is my first Vietnam customer, during 1 -2 years, he meet other suppliers just want to get more discount price .What a pity , he failed and for now ,we make long and firm business cooperation. Just for that HUA Steel Co., always use reasoble price with high quality of stianless steel material to supply our customer.

Before shipment,we will do PMI testing for them to confirm what we send the material grade is they need.

With our sincere behaviour ,our customer just trust with us ,not make business with others ,just he told me cooperate with Zyta,  I rest assured. And also he visited our stainless steel factory and our office many times, we are treated like old friends.

At this time, i want to say thanks my dear friend, and thanks your Always insist on giving me orders. At the same time, he said thanks me i always provide the best quality with competitive p price. So that he has got more and more orders form his client.

So that dear customer, if you need stianless steel sheets, coils, talk with me , we will send you good quality ,enough quantity and best service with you.No matter what the stainless steel grade , stainless steel thickness ,stainless steel width for 2000mm , we can also supply you quickly.

Do not hesitate to send me orders of steel material  in your hand, so that we can become friends and partners for 8 years or more.


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