Price of 430 Stainless Steel Coils will be higher

2023-08-10 18:04:46

Overview: The cost has increased and the inventory pressure is not large; At the same time, the overhaul of the Northwest factory in August has not yet been completed, the market supply pressure is small, the benefit of multiple factors superimposed, and the price of 430 is expected to be stable and strong.


About the price of stainless steel 430 in China’s market:

The price of 430 cold rolled in Wuxi market rose 50 yuan/ton from last week to 8100-8150 yuan/ton. This week 430 cold rolling prices continue to rise, the performance of the week between traders gradually narrowed the price difference, but some specifications affected by the shortage of higher prices, although there are actual transactions, but traders inventory is not high, superimposed “gold nine silver ten” expectations, traders support the price mentality is strong.

The main reason is that A stainless steel factory in the northwest, due to equipment maintenance, 400 series production continued to be affected in August, is expected to affect crude steel production of 20-30,000 tons, production or will be maintained in July, the overall supply level decreased slightly, the market pressure has eased, the mood has improved, providing a certain support for the price.

On August 4, Jiusteel continued to increase the price of 430 cold rolling plate, market agents and trade were adjusted, and the cost of picking up goods at the trade end increased, which also played a certain supporting role in the price.

Summary: The recovery of market conditions is less than expected, steel mills 400 series crude steel production decreased slightly, the supply side weakened, in addition, the recent market price of raw materials high carbon ferrochrome and the cost of blast furnace smelting pig iron rose, the cost has been supported; Superimposed “gold nine silver ten” under the expectation, it is expected that the price of 430 is stable and strong.

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