Grinding and polishing performance of 304 stainless steel belt

2021-01-22 14:46:49

304 stainless steel strip is a universal stainless steel strip, rust resistance is better than 200 series of stainless steel material.  High temperature resistance is also better, can be high to 1000-1200 degrees.  304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance.  

The 304 stainless steel series derived from 304 has excellent surface machining performance.  The surface processing commonly used in the market can be applied to 304 series of stainless steel.

1.Dry grinding drawing

There are filaments and short filaments commonly on the market, 304 stainless steel is in course after processing this kind of surface, show good adornment effect, can satisfy the requirement of general adornment material.  Generally speaking, 304 stainless steel can form a good effect after a frosting.  

Due to the low cost of this kind of processing equipment, simple operation, low processing cost, wide application, become the processing center required equipment.  So most machining centers can provide filament and short wire frosted plate, of which 304 steel accounts for more than 80%.

2、Oil mill wire drawing

The 304 stainless steel belt after oil grinding reflects the decorative effect of MEI, widely used in elevators, home appliances and other decorative panels. 304 stainless steel belt can generally achieve good results after a grinding pass, there are still some processing centers on the market can provide hot rolled stainless steel oil grinding processing, the effect and cold rolled oil grinding.

304 stainless steel strip oily wire drawing also has filament and short wire points. Elevator decoration generally chooses filament, and all kinds of small appliances, kitchenware and other two kinds of lines are available.


304 series stainless steel is superior to 200 series stainless steel in 8K processing. By 2B cold rolling surface after 8K grinding, generally after a pass of processing can achieve mirror effect. At present, nitric acid with iron oxide red 8K grinding process, low price, low cost of the value of the equipment itself, so the overall grinding cost is low, has been widely promoted.


The choice of high-end decorative materials, with gorgeous effect, 304 series of stainless steel has long been used in titanium decoration, widely used in elevators, building decoration materials.

304 series of stainless steel because of its excellent surface processing performance, widely used in all kinds of decorative materials, and its corrosion resistance is strong, in 200 and 400 series of rapid growth of stainless steel today, 304 series of stainless steel in the surface decoration materials industry, still firmly occupy a considerable share, the first stainless steel for customers.

304 stainless steel series products from 304 to obtain a very good surface treatment effect. At present, the common shape solution in the market can be used in the 304 series of stainless steel products.

1, dry trial grinding market is the most common micro and short wire, after the production and processing of 304 series of stainless steel products, showing a prominent interior decoration effect, generally can achieve the provisions of decorative design data information. In general, 304 series stainless steel produces excellent practical results after single frosting. Because the cost of this kind of production equipment is low, the actual operation is simple, the production cost is low, the application of the room, into a CNC machining center must be selected machinery and equipment. Therefore, most of the production processing material can be given to the long cable and stock short line grinding plate, at this time, 304 steel accounted for more than 80%.

2, oil mill and art painting 304 series of stainless steel products in the elevator car, electrical products and his decorative design control panel adequate application. Cold rolling 304 series of stainless steel products in order to highlight the efficacy, the general selection of grinding method, at the present stage of the market above some CNC machining centers can supply hot stainless steel grinding yarn production and processing, its efficacy is equal to the efficacy of cold rolling machine. Oil chart also has long silk and short silk difference. The elevator decoration generally uses polyester silk, and a variety of small household appliances, kitchen supplies and household appliances are available in two materials.

3, 9K solution 304 series of stainless steel in 8 K solution is significantly better than 200 series of stainless steel products. 2B cold rolled surface layer with 8 K as the base, generally according to a solution to achieve the actual effect of mirror glass. At present, 8 K grinding technology of sodium cyanide and iron oxide red is widely used because of its high quality, low price and low cost.

4, titanium high-grade building decoration materials selection has a rich and colorful role. 304 series of stainless steel products have been widely used in titanium decoration design, widely used in elevator car and engineering building decoration materials.

he atmospheric corrosion-resistant stainless steel strip contains high chromium and molybdenum, with small amounts of niobium and titanium added.

The steel actually contains 22% chromium and 1.2% molybdenum. Sufficient chromium and molybdenum are essential to improve the pitting resistance of stainless steel strips. The rusting area of type 304 and type 316 austenitic stainless steel belt increases significantly with the increase of the number of corrosion test cycles.

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